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Thursday 14th January 2021, 8-10 PM

Cath Little and Chandrika Joshi, Lisa Schneidau, Kurly McGeachie, and Cath’s Cupboard of Customs.

Cath Little Chandrika Joshi Lisa Schneidau Kurly McGeachie

Cath Little and Chandrika Joshi

Chandrika Joshi and Cath Little are Welsh Storytellers from Cardiff. They share stories from India and Wales through prose, poetry and song in English, Welsh, Gujarati and Sanskrit. They love to tell stories which coincide with Hindu and Celtic festivals, learning from each other and forming a bridge between their two cultures.

Chandrika will be telling a story of the birth of Saraswati. She is a water goddess, the first feminine goddess who came into existence and played with the creation to give it shape, form and order. As a water goddess, she has powers to heal and purify. A goddess that embodies knowledge, arts, music, melody, muse, language, rhetoric, eloquence, creative work and anything whose flow purifies the essence and self of a person.

You can find out more about Chandrika at her Facebook page:

Cath will be telling the story of St Dwynwen. Dwynwen is remembered now as a saint, but she was once a goddess. Like Saraswati, Dwynwen is connected with water, she has her own healing well on her island at Ynys Mon [Anglesea] She has the power to heal and mend broken hearts. Cath will also sing a New Year song for Brigid.

You can find out more about Cath at her website:

Lisa Schneidau

Lisa Schneidau is a storyteller and environmentalist based in Devon. She seeks out, and shares, traditional stories about the land and our complex relationship with it. Lisa is the author of Woodland Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland (History Press, 2020) and Botanical Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland (History Press, 2018). She tells stories at events, nature reserves, arts centres and schools, including performance storytelling, training and storytelling development within education, as well as helping to run South Devon Storytellers and Dartmoor Storytellers. Lisa trained as an ecologist and has worked in British nature conservation for over twenty years, in roles as diverse as farm advisor, lobbyist and conservation director.

Find more information about Lisa’s storytelling performances, projects and writing at

Kurly McGeachie

Kurly is a poet and an MC/rapper who enjoys collaborating with other creative artists/producers.

He delivers fun poetry workshops to help develop overall literacy confidence, empowering young people to access and attain success across the curriculum.

Kurly was shortlisted for Birmingham Poet Laureate 16/18 and formally taught English in a Pupil Referral Unit. Winner of the National Trust's national and regional award for audience engagement as a poetry tour guide, he worked with UNICEF, the British Council and Birmingham City Council along with many other well established writing and music organisations and childrens' charities to bring value and education to both pupils and the public.

Kurly is a trained Arts Award advisor who has personally supported hundreds of young people through the Arts Award process - enabling disaffected learners to gain a nationally recognised qualification through poetry and Hip Hop. He is a huge advocate of helping others find the best way they can express themselves, as self awareness and knowledge is key to happiness.

He is Co-Founder of Memorhyme Education, a specialist education workshop and resource provider that services the teaching and learning needs of schools and Multi Academy Trusts.

Find out more at his websites and

Cath’s Cupboard of Customs

Cath Edwards

Each month Cath’s Cupboard of Customs will highlight some traditions, lore and customs that are in keeping with the time of year.

In January Cath will be looking at oak tree traditions. There will be acorn coffee, even acorn bread (recipe below) and she’ll be singing The Trees Are All Bare – you’re more than welcome to join in!

Storyteller Cath Edwards has long been fascinated by traditions – the ‘old ways’. To find out more about her and her work please visit her website

Acorn Bread

Acorn Bread
  • 8oz acorn flour (yes, really)
  • 8oz wholemeal wheat flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • About half a pint of milk
  • About 3 tablespoons oil or melted butter

In a bowl, mix the dry ingredients thoroughly. Mix the egg with the oil or butter and two thirds of the milk, stir this mixture into the flour to make a dough. Add the leftover milk if the dough is too dry. Shape the dough into a round, about 3 inches thick, on a floured baking tray. Cut a deep cross in the centre and bake at 180 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes until cooked through.