On the Edge

The Village

The Village is the heart of the festival. Here you will find a central gathering place surrounded by all the necessities: the Booking Office, Bar, Food and drink vendors, Craft tent and traders selling nice things.

Performance tents

There are two performance tents up on the Edge site. Here is where you will hear stories to entrance you and poems to beguile you.


Travellers have always been central to traditional story-telling. Come visit the genuine travellers benders set up on site.


There’s nothing to match spending an evening with friends gathered around a fire. It is what humans around the world have done for thousands of years. We will have two types of fires burning on the Friday and Saturday evenings:

A Storytelling Fire where you can hear our professional storytellers tell some tales. And perhaps we will sneak in a poem or two. Here the focus will be on being entertained.

There will also be a Community Fire. Here there will be an opening ceremony where the fire is opened up as a sacred space and you will be invited to make offerings to the fire.There might be stories, poems, songs, jokes - it depends on what people bring to the fire. The focus is on participation, sharing and listening to each other.

In the town

Priory Hall

The town’s main community hall. Originally part of the nearby Priory, at one time a school, this is a beautiful old building with charm plus excellent modern facilities: toilets, kitchens, hearing loop.

Methodist Hall

A smaller community hall in the centre of town. Toilet and kitchen.

Guild Hall

An incredible ancient building. Well worth a visit for the history alone. Slap bang in the centre of town. Stairs.

Fire Station

A small community room in the town’s fire station near the centre.

Cavalier Centre

A new facility this year. A medium sized community room in a Disabled Riding Centre on the far side of town.

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