Poems On A Postcard

Your chance to get your poem read out by a professional voice artist at the Get A Word In Edgeways storytelling festival in Shropshire and for it to be published in an anthology printed book.

Get A Word In Edgeways is proud to announce our Poem On A Postcard celebration! Running until 27th November, you are invited to write a small poem on a picture postcard and send it to us.

The theme is Wish you were here and you can interpret this however you'd like.

Where to and by when?

Postcards must be sent to

The Shed
Church Preen
Church Stretton

Your postcard must be delivered before 27th November 2020.

Your postcard should contain your name and contact details.

What we will do with your poems

Read them! Love Them! We’ll read and enjoy every poem we receive.

Get A Word In Edgeways plans to publish selected poems as a printed anthology which will be for sale.

We're also planning to run a field festival in Summer 2021. Chosen poems shall be read out there by a professional voice artist. We'll display poems or quotes from poems at various festival sites.

We may also use your poem (or a quote from it) as part of our publicity for the festival. Your postcard/poem could be featured on this website or shared on our social media pages/mailing list.

By submitting a poem you give us non-exclusive permission to publish your poem either electronically or in paper form.

We will of course attribute all poems to the names submitted on the postcard.


Your poem must

  • Be your original work
  • Match the given theme
  • Include your name and contact details
  • Be legible (obviously!)

If you need to put the postcard in an envelope to send to us, you can do that. If you can't send a postcard, then we will also accept your poem and contact details sent to us via email. We'd prefer a postcard though if possible - it's nice to look at the pictures and see what you were inspired by.

Important Points

There are no prizes other than the opportunity for your work to be published in an anthology that will be on sale at the Get A Word In Edgeways Much Wenlock Festival in 2021, and to hear your work read out by a professional at the festival.

No guarantees are given that your work will be read out or be included in the anthology.

One submission per person. (No, your dog/cat/other pet is not a person!)

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