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Thursday 12th November 2020, 8-10 PM

Casey Bailey, Donavan Christopher aka Rappaman, Xanthe Gresham Knight, Clare Wasserman, and Cath’s Cupboard of Customs.

Casey Bailey

You can find out more at his website

Donavan Christopher aka Rappaman

Donavan has been writing poetry seriously for the past 20 years as a tool for self - expression and to tackle social problems. He has also worked the underground circuit in ragga sound systems, jungle / drum and bass, performing and hosting events from local to international venues. He has had a great amount of exposure and success in this field, which still continues today.

Life itself inspires Donavan and all the good and bad things the world cam throw at you. The value of people and the under represented silent voices from all backgrounds.

Themes include respect of self and others and an insight to cultural diversity around the world we all share. Dealing with all types of difficult issues promoting Respect All People he engages the youngsters giving them the forum to share and discuss views, helping them capture and express their thoughts an imagination in a safe environment all done in a fun way.

You can find out more at his website

Xanthe Gresham Knight

You can find out more at her website

Clare Wassermann

Clare Wassermann is an artist and meditation teacher living in the middle of England. She loves to build layer upon layer of colours seeing how they vibrate together. Images, words and ideas emerge, are released and let go of as the work progresses. Eventually an idea for a final composition surfaces and a still point is attained.

As she works she often listens to music which often comes from Hindu, Buddhist or other Eastern sources. She uses the energy of the music as inspiration, whether it be calming or uplifting. She also uses ideas generated from her yoga and meditation practice.

Nature and wildlife are important sources of inspiration and mostly her paintings reflect our interconnectedness with all beings – a celebration of life. The work is uplifting and peaceful at the same time.

Clare has illustrated a number of children's books with the themes of peace, mindfulness and meditation, exhibits regularly and undertakes commission work. She is currently a PhD Researcher in Art and Meditation."

You can find out more at her website or at Instagram here or here.

Cath’s Cupboard of Customs

Cath Edwards

Each month Cath’s Cupboard of Customs will highlight some traditions, lore and customs that are in keeping with the time of year.

In November, Cath will be singing ‘Jolly Waggoners’, taking a look at hiring fairs and anticipating ‘Stir-up Sunday’. Keep an eye on this page for song lyrics and recipes, to follow!

Storyteller Cath Edwards has long been fascinated by traditions – the ‘old ways’. To find out more about her and her work please visit her website


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