Get a Word in Online

Thursday 14th May 2020, 7-9 PM

Two poets, a storyteller and a drummer.
Les Barker, Tahira Rehman,
Helen East and Rick Wilson.

Tahira Rehman Les Barker Rick Wilson and Helen East

Les Barker

Mr Barker has been writing poetry for several centuries now, but there’s still no sign of improvement. For many years, he performed with his dog, Mrs Ackroyd, who was far more entertaining, and also a better poet. He spent over a decade touring extensively in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and Hong Kong, for which British audiences will be forever grateful. Mr Barker moved to Wales some years ago and is now incomprehensible in two languages. He's won a small but growing number of chairs, only one of which is big enough to sit on, for his Welsh poetry. He’s never won anything for his English poetry.

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Tahira Rehman

Tahira Rehman is a Poet and an Outreach support worker in Leeds. Her poetry has been published in the US by Our Verse Magazine, Soul-Lit and locally by Make Our Rights Reality Campaign.

She made a big name for herself in 2019 with headline performances at award-winning and long running spoken word nights such as Spoken Weird and Punk in Drublic. She is also the author of Mirages to Reality published in April 2019.

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Rick Wilson

Drumming and rhythm are at the heart of Rick’s creative work. Whether as teacher or performer, he has lured thousands happily into the world of the big and not so big beat. He draws on a vast experience of travel and learning, and has an extensive history of collaborative ventures with artists of all sorts, He has, and continues to produce albums of his own work. His next, Voices from Off-Centre has been recently completed and will be released on download and physical cd formats later this year.

Helen East

Helen East has been telling stories all her life and has instigated countless, different types of story-related projects worldwide with peoples of all ages.

Her vast repertory of tales has been largely gathered by widespread travel and by direct oral transmission. She co-founded Common Lore Storytellers and Musicians in the early 1980s and was also Director of the National Community Folktale Centre. She is also the author of some 70 titles, most recently London Tales.

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