Creative Morning Practice

That Sunday Morning Thing

Start your Sunday morning with something Short, Simple and Sweet.

We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings to participate in a practice that was introduced to us by Dr Martin Shaw at The West Country School of Myth and, later, at an online retreat with The Way Of The Buzzard.

The practice is simple and is designed to get you into a creative frame of mind at the beginning of the day.

A member of our team will select and read some poems, usually on a theme. You listen and enjoy - allow the words to work upon you - see what sticks - what claims you.

Then you are given 5 minutes to write in response. This can be verse... it could be prose... could be a drawing. It is up to you. Or you can simply listen to the poems being read and leave it at that.

Then (if you wish to do so) you are given the chance to share what you have written with the rest of the participants. There is no pressure to do so. The practice is purely for you. This is not is not a writing workshop. It is not a class in poetic appreciation. There will be no analysis or discussion. It is about freeing up the mind a little and having fun. Over time we hope that people will return to each session as a regular practice and, in this way, begin to build a community of like-minded souls.




Usually Second Sunday every month.

Meeting starts at 09.30am, but we recommend that you log in 5 or 10 minutes early.

When you log in, you will be put in a Waiting Room, hopefully not for long, before being admitted to the meeting where you will be able to chat to the other participants until the meeting starts at 09.30.

If you arrive late, you may have to wait a few minutes before you are admitted.

What do I need?

You will need something to write with and on.

You'll need to have Zoom installed on your computer, so allow a little extra time for this if you haven't got it downloaded and installed already.

Obviously you'll also need access to the internet and a computer of some sort that has got a microphone and webcam or similar built in or connected.

Want to join us?

Write an email expressing your interest to and Andy will send you the link, or sign up to the mailing list to hear about the next occasion, and also for our other news too.