Get a Word in Edgeways

This is not your average festival.

Not simply a story-telling festival.

Not just a poetry festival.

Not only a music festival.

It is a festival that sits on the borders between genres.

And we all know that borders are where magic happens.

Stand on a mountain top. Border between earth and sky. Or on the shoreline between land and sea.

Feel the power that lies at those border lands.

This is a festival about harnessing that power.

About creating something new.

It is a festival that celebrates the spoken word in all its guises.

A multitude of voices.

Speaking together.

Making sounds not heard before.

A festival of discovery.

We are excited to hear what emerges.

It is also a festival about place.

It had to happen in the town of Much Wenlock.

A town that lies in Shropshire, a county on the border between England and Wales.

It is a beautiful and ancient place.

The town grew up around an abbey. It has always welcomed pilgrims.

Much Wenlock needs people to come here and raise their voices in celebration of something greater.

This festival will celebrate all that Much Wenlock has to offer.

The rich history of the town and the splendour of the Nature that surrounds it.

Events will be shared together in the halls, rooms and pubs of the town.

And in the woods, fields and meadows of the surrounding countryside.

We will raise our voices in celebration of this special place.

And giants will once more walk the streets of Much Wenlock.